Day 2
Dec 15, 2022 1:30 PM

A Conversation with Margaret Wheatley on Working with the Energy of Space

Perhaps you’ve participated in group experiences where there’s been a shift or a sense of the space.

Athletes describe moments of collective flow state where the court “opens up” and each player knows exactly where every other player is and what’s going to happen.

In the Quaker or Friends tradition, they define this experience of opening as a “sense of the meeting” or “gathered space”-- when individual awareness/prayer materializes as a shared sense of what to do.

The same gathered sense enters groups when they practice deep listening with appreciation and respect for the other.  Boundaries dissolve and people experience communion.

In intimate relationships, this has been described as “the third thing” - a new presence that emerges beyond our individual needs, breaking down the barriers of separate selves.

In each of these experiences, whether alone or in a group, we experience transcendence - we move beyond the boundaries of a smaller self and become part of a greater reality. Something far grander is going on that transcends our individual feelings, thoughts and behaviors. And we feel welcomed to participate in it.

But how do you intentionally work with space to create this kind of experience?  In many non-Western cultures, there are rituals and practices to call in energies and invisible partners to create spaces and objects that are filled with power and possibility. Over the last six months we've worked with author Margaret Wheatley to co-create an all new program focused specifically on this topic.

In this session, we'll have an introductory conversation with Margaret exploring this theme and how to work with the energy of space.

Margaret Wheatley
Co-founder of The Berkana Institute
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Lorenz Sell
Co-founder, Sutra
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